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Hi, my 2011 Macbook is not detecting my hdmi display - the screen flashes blue briefly but no display is detected in system preferences or anywhere else.


Any ideas?


+I am using a mini display port to hdmi adapter with the thunderbolt output and I've tried rebooting with display plugged in and my osx is 10.7.5 Lion.


Any help appreciated

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.5), thunderbolt to hdmi
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    Actually sod this for a lark.

    I've searched Google and there's no answers so I'll just send it back and get a windows ultra book.

    Fancy macs are prob just too fussy for my cheap HDMI display!

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    Actually I fixed it in the end by getting a new cable, it turned out that for whatever reason my cable was not up to the job.\


    I found that a cheap £5 one piece thunderbolt male to hdmi male cable off ebay did the job well and it was my two piece - thunderbolt male to hdmi female attached to a standard HDMI to HDMI cable which caused the problem.


    Seems like HDMI can be quite fussy and either it works or it does nothing, no in between.


    So my fancy mac now works great with my cheapo alba hdmi tv i paid £25 for and carries both sound and video!


    (I don't think I'll go back to windows if I can help it, not after using a mac.  Once you've had a mac you realise what a pain in the a*s windows is .. I hardly ever feel like punching my mac )