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I have a project that was created using jpegs and mp4's that were exported using the H.264 format, I initially exported entire project with H.264 only to not be able to play on LG Google TV... after talking to LG, realized I needed to save project with video format of MPEG 4 so I did using MPEG 4 BASIC using quicktime out of I-movie... however, I did not convert the mp4 slides inside project to MPEG-4, they were left in the H.264 format will my final export to the MPEG 4 format overwrite those inside the project to also be MPEG 4 so that the tv will play them?? The entire project is a slide show.

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    An MOV is a container. It can contain a variety of codecs such as h.264.


    But MP4 can be confusing, because MP4 can be both a container AND a codec. An to make it more confusing, h.264 is actually a flavor of the MPEG4 codec.


    So to answer your question, If you use SHARE/EXPORT TO QUICKTIME and choose Movie to MPEG4, Then click OPTIONS and use the h.264 codec for Video Format, then chances are it will work fine.

    H.264 is the "best" MPeg4 codec because it produces the highest quality for a given file size.


    This will give you a file with the extension MP4 that uses the h.264 codec.


    If it does not work, you will want to try Movie to MPEG4 and under Options: choose MPEG4 Basic for the Video Format.

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    Thank you for the info... I have done just what you suggested, but left the mp4 inside the slide show, saved/imported with the h.264 formatting hoping the final export to MPEG 4 BASIC for the entire slideshow would overwrite those MP4's used in slideshow (that were exported as H.264, and then imported back in for final presentation export). I am wanting it to be played on LG Google TV and know now that the tv doesn't recognize the H.264 video formatting so thus my re-export of project using MPEG 4 BASIC, tv will read this format codec... along with several others but not H.264... it will read H.63 & H.64 along with DIVX 3.11, 4.12, 5 & 6 The only thing at this point that I can figure is that the mp4's i used as individual slides with moving parts and exported using H.264 then re imported to use also need to be re exported using the MPEG 4 BASIC so that hopefully I won't receive the message of "This movie can't be viewed/played on this television/device" stumped and hoping for a resolution...