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I went to add a new album, added it to my Library, then plugged my ipod in to sync & update the new album.


My ipod synced very quickly & then said it was OK to disconnect, it only had 12 songs on it instead of the 9000 songs it should have had :-(

Somehow allof the content from my ipod was deleted, not a problem I thought, I'll just re-sync it, this I did, but this time there was only 1 song ;-(


I have looked through the ipod, & can't find the one song it says is on my ipod, I've tried so many times to sync it I feel like throwoing it out of the window.


I've restored my ipod several times, this has done nothing to help the situation, I've deleted & reloaded itunes, still no joy. I've even done both at the same time, I've been on it for days now, & still nothing, I've even added the itunes folder with all of my music on manually & all the music is there to see from my computer, but on my ipod nothing, through itunes I can see that there is only 81GB free but I still can't see anything other than the one song on my ipod.


All of the films videos & TV programmes have also been deleted, & they don't show either.



Help me please someone, I feel like I'm going to go mad I just want to be able to play my music. (The worst thing is I live on a Narrowboat & I don't have any of my CD's hence an ipod classic, but now I can't even listen to music).


I'm at my wits end someone heeeeellllllllpppppppp mmeeeeeeeeee..............


Kind regards Nickie


I will also add, that although I can use a computer any answers need to be step by step so I can find any places I need to look for any checks I may need to do, thanks

iPod classic 160GB (Late 2009), Windows Vista