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I have Excel installed on my iMac.

I only use this rarely, mostly when I have grants to write for my students.

When I try to open Excel, to look at an old document, I get the message that there is not enough memory, even though my Mac right now has 74 GB available.


I really, really, really need to access these files, so am hoping for an answer to this puzzle!


Thanks so much!!!

iTunes, Mac OS X (10.6.8), using Time Machine external hard dr
  • BobTheFisherman Level 6 (13,514 points)

    I think the message refers to ram memory not hard drive space. How much ram do you have? How many apps do you have oprn? How much free/available ram do you have? What is the complete and exact error message?


    You might want to ask your Office for Mac question in the Office for Mac forums.


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    The message says "not enough memory."


    I never get this with anything but this Microsoft Excel program.


    I'm not sure about the other questions.  When I look at "about this Mac," it tells me the "memory" is 4 GB.


    How do I find out the other information?


    I did post the question on the site you recommended, but I guess PC people aren't as willing to help as Mac folks....have not heard anything from that site yet.


    I did read a number of other folks had the same problem.  Not sure any of them had it resolved either.


    I did something that was recommended on the Support Microsoft.com site, which was to go to Disk Utility and do "repair Disk Permissions" twice.  Didn't help.


    They also suggest doing a "safe boot" but I couldn't follow how to do that on a Mac.


    So.....still hoping for help!

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    Still don't have a solution for this.

    It does seem odd to me that Excel is the only thing that I am having trouble with "not enough memory."

    Wouldn't it seem like other programs would also be affected?


    I had one response from the Microsoft community but it didn't help.


    If "About this Mac" says I have "4 GB memory," and Excel doesn't think this is enough, how much more do I need?


    Thanks so much for any light you can shed on this!

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    Does this happen even if you close all other applications before opening Excel?

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    I tried something that involved getting rid of duplicate fonts, but have not restarted computer since then....maybe I'll try that now.....

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    Have you tried reinstalling Office for Mac? A damaged app can incorrectly use more RAM that it's supposed to. Excel itself doesn't need a whole lot of space. I just launched Excel 2011 and the Activity Monitor shows it using 45.7 MB of RAM.

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    OK!  Will try that now.


    Will I need to do anything to uninstall the one that's already installed?

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,670 points)

    You could put the Excel app in the Applications folder in the trash first to make sure the installer has to put a whole new copy of Excel on the hard drive, and not just try to patch or replace the one that's there. Make sure to apply all available updates afterwards.

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    OK, so here's what I did.

    First time, I reinstalled Office: 2008.  It must have sent the first one to the trash, because there were 9200+files in the trash once it was finished.  It looked for updates but didn't tell me that it needed any, so I tried to access Excel again, but got the same error message.


    So, then I dragged the whole Microsoft Office 2008 to the trash (it is still sitting there----question about this, too).  I reinstalled the whole thing again, but this time, it identified 3 updates that also needed to be installed.  I did that, and now, I am able to open Excel!


    Now my question about the trash:  if I empty the trash, am I going to lose all the files (especially worried about all the Word documents) that I had used the original one for, or, are all those documents, and the Excel files, still  there after the trash with the original Office 2008 is emptied; I wasn't able to only drag Excel to the trash so had to drag the whole thing.


    Am thinking that somehow those updates were never applied, which is very puzzling, because the first time I reinstalled, it didn't say anything about needing updates, but the second time, it did.


    Thank you!

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,670 points)

    No, you shouldn't lose your files. By default, any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files you create will be saved to the Documents folder in your user account. Not that you can't change where they go. Also by default, your Entourage data will still be in your user account and will automatically picked up by the freshly reinstalled software.


    Unless you specifically chose to save files anywhere within the /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/ folder, no personal data should be in there. Can't hurt though to look through the contents of the trash to be sure before emptying it.

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    Thank you so much. I did exactly as you described and it worked. Just like you as I was reinstalling Office 8, It had 2 updates that needed to be installed.

    Also very important, your original Office files ARE in documents, so I didn't lose any of them. Once I was sure all my files were intact, I emptied the trash can.

    thanks again, am331