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My house was broken into over the weekend and they stole my iPad.  I saw the "Find my iPhone" feature on my iCloud, so I used it. 


I believe I have iOS 5-point-something on my iPad and I don't remember installing the "Find my iPhone" app on my it.  However, when I logged on to my iCloud, my iPad appeared on my list of devices, though as "offline".


I placed a "Lock" on my iPad, intending to both lock and track my iPad so that I could (hopefully) find my iPad as well as find the ones who broke into my house and stole my things.


Two days later, I get a message saying "Your iPad has been locked."  I logged into my iCloud via a desktop to locate my iPad.  I look on the map of devices and my iPad cannot be found - no previous location of where it was locked - nothing. 


I call Apple Support and they tell me that since I placed a "lock" on my iPad that it eliminated the capability of the iPad to be tracked until it is "unlocked". 


My question is, why would I lock my iPad unless I did not know where it is? 


Also, since locking my iPad was an available option when using the "Find my iPhone" app, wouldn't it be prudent to tell users that locking your device will also lock its tracking capabilities?  (Btw, found out about this key point on a support page, of course, after the fact.) 


The answer from Apple?  Didn't get one.  Just apologies and how unfortunate this is.  And that since the iPad is now locked, it cannot be unlocked until done so manually.


Still scratching my head, Apple....

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