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My Time Capsule HD is now full and I have started losing my earliest backups. What impact, if any, will this have on the backup of my iPhoto Library? If I had to restore it would it still be complete?

Time Capsule 500Gb, 2nd Gen
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    Deletion of earlier files will never go so far as to delete the current backup. You will lose the history.. not the current.


    But I would seriously think about,


    1. Replacement of the TC.. a Gen2 is living on borrowed time. They become unreliable after 3years.. you are stretching fate.. now.. already taut.. it will snap soon.


    2. Use a USB drive plugged into the TC.

    This will survive the TC failure.. and you can keep using it.. will work even better of course plugged directly into the computer you are backing up.


    3. Archive the old TC to save the older backups from further deletion.. wipe the TC and start over with a clean backup.. no bad deal.. USB drive plugged in will take overnight to backup 500GB but should be ok. Still won't save it from d-day.


    4. Sell off and buy a new TC.

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    Many thanks for your prompt reply. This has helped me a lot.


    I'm thinking of migrating everything to a new 1Tb Mac Mini so it looks as though I should also get a new Time Capsule.