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My late 2009 unibody MBP won't boot to the system or recovery partitions and I have no idea why.

There are other problems, like the battery not charging, which I cant seem to find the root of.


Here's what happens:


-The SIL blinks 5 times uppn pressing the power button. The grey screen appears  

   I can either:

          -Hold Alt to bring up the list of bootable devices

               -OSX gives me the "not permitted symbol" think no smoking sign without the ciggarette

               -Windows 7 gives me the "Windows was unable to start" dialogue

               -Recovery HD boots into the recovery partition, but as soon as anything pops up (right after the screen turns from grey to off-grey, and the progress                wheel runs a bit), the screen goes black (at this point though, the SIL shows the system sleeping pattern, fading in and out)

          -Try booting right into the recovery partition with CMD+R. Which gives me the same above result.

          -Try booting into face mode by holding shift at startup, which gives me the "not permitted" symbol

          -Try resetting the PRAM (because why the **** not) which [might work?] but just restarts and sends me back to the grey startup screen.


-The battery does not seem to be holding a charge either, the magsafe adapter is green, not orange. (As soon as I unplug the magsafe while trying the above steps, the system shuts down).


I am running Lion, and this whole problem happened seemingly out of nowhere, just opened my MBP and wham, no startup.

My hope is that it just went into some sort of "absoloute-zero" battery charge or something, and I just have to leave it plugged in for a while. Maybe the HDDs arent being powered enough to be recognized or something? Ive left the MBP plugged into the wall for the past hour but unfortunatly the magsafe is still green.


Really curious as to what is going on, and really hope my data is recoverable. Drive didnt really seem to be slowing down in the past few days or anything. Its a Seagate Momentus XT 750gb.


Any help is appreciated. I've signed up for a Genius Bar Appt. but that's not until tomorrow evening.



-Reset the SMC, now the macbook booted up to the startup selection screen, I selected Mac OSX HD, but it wouldn't let me click the trackpad, I could move the mouse but not click. So i used the keyhboard keys to navigate to that and hit enter to select it. The apple logo popped up and the grey spinning wheel popped up. Again, right as it seemed it would take me to the user login screen, the screen went black. The hard drive sounds like it spins up when I hit the brightness buttons. And the volume buttons even make noise, but no screen. The SIL seems to be going on and off. Seems like the HDD is fading in and out.


I feel like it's more of a power problem hopefully. Screen isnt appearing, trackpad wont click, system wont fully boot etc... Or I can only hope at least.... Help still appreciated.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)