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Are there any industry restrictions (E.g. alcohol, gambling) on using Passbook?

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    Ask Apple.

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    Hi - I asked Apple about this .. One great thing about Passbook is that every Pass can be created especially for a specific user. It enables true one-to-one consumer engagement. You can send customized promotions directly to the pocket of an individual person.


    This enables marketing promotions that are traditionally difficult - e.g. In restricted markets such as tobacco, alcohol, gambling etc ..


    Apple told me that their approach is that if the promotion would normally be blocked in the App Store - eg distributing *********** - then it's not appropriate for Passbook. Otherwise it's *probably* ok.


    If in doubt you should ask Apple ..


    If someone complains to them that a specific Passbook promotion seems to be unsuitable or illegal - first the developer will get contacted (this is why they insist that the developer's name & contact info is included on the back of each Pass). If the problem persists Apple will revoke the developer license (necessary to obtain Passbook signing certificates) ..