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It's a Seagate Backup plus. USB 3.0 Drive.



Right now it's formatted to NTFS but it comes (or I just had to download) an app called NTFS_for_Mac_with_restart which they say allows me to to write NTFS on a Mac.



Do you think installing this software and leaving the drive in NTFS is a better solution than reformatting the drive to Exfat?


I need to have a drive readable and writable to both Mac and windows 7


I just don't want to screw this up.





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    Forget the software that came with it, format the drive as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Connect it to your iMac, open Disk Utility and format the drive. If you need a drive for Windows 7 EHD then get another drive. Sharing a drive with Windows and OS X is a losing proposition paticularly if it's a backup drive. The reason it's not a good idea is it's full of compromises such as file sizes, partitioning issues, reliability etc.