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Pmcinvest Level 1 Level 1

Could Not Sign In.   

ConnectionManager::invoke::Failed  to find service connection URL.


I get this message on my screen what's wrong


But everything still seams to work except for this annoying message..?

Apple TV
  • Joe Geller Level 1 Level 1

    Try logging out of iTunes store, then logging back in.  If that fails, it's probably time to do
    "reset all"   If you search on the error here, you will find a couple of other things to try too.  Most seem not to work.


    After a reset all, you have to log back in (including any WiFi passwords and your iTunes account) and reset any custom user settings.  It's a real pain, but doable in less than 10 minutes.


    I had the same problem recently.  Apple thought it might be either a server problem (possibly one server, or one geographic area, I'm in upstate, NY), or possibly a corrupted firmware download.  They also suggested, if it happens again to do a restore over wired Ethernet, in case the last software revision (5.3) which I did over WiFi was corrupted.  Apparently it could be a bug in the new Ver. 5.3 too?


    It would be interesting to know if tens of us are having this problem, or hundreds, or even thousands of Apple TV users?