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Hello All,


I have a Xserve running 10.8.6 running file shares.  This is a mixe envirment so I have both SMB and AFP enabled on the server.  My issue is today I found out that AFP is not entirtly working.  Using Command+K I can connect to the server using afp://server.local authenticate and see all the folders.  If I select a folder from the list it works just fine.  If I try to connect to a folder directly for example, afp://server.local/folder, it gives me the authentication prompt and after I type in my password it get a connection error.  It states just states that there was an error connecting and I need to check the server name or IP address.  This erro comes up if I use server.local or the IP address.  SMB works just fine on both Mac and PC.  I've checked DNS settings and the server resolves properly.  The reason I need AFP is to setup my Deploy Studio.



Thanks for any help.

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