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Greg Good Level 1 (5 points)

I was asked by a coworker to take photos off of their deceased brother's iPod.  This is a 30gb iPod Classic and was found amongst discarded items and include before now.....unseen photos of their brother.  The family is desperate to get these photos off of the iPod.  There are some 4500 photos on this iPod.  I suppose these photos are of low resolution, but the family would LOVE them just the same.....


From what I've been able to gleen from Apple, is that photos on an iPod that were not taken by the iPod (iPod Classic cant!!!) are not able to be imported!!!...


There has got to be a way to do this....????? 


I will attempt to see if the local Apple Store/Genius can offer some assistance...???


The iPod Classic was formatted for an Apple.  I tried to get these photos off the iPod from both my PC and Apple.  Both operating systems don't even recognize the iPod as a portable drive.  I can access the iPod from my apple.


Any suggestions???