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hi there


i have an iphone 3gs and before everyone rushes to tell me that iphones don't save contacts to sim - they do!  my old iphone got dropped in some water.  i put the sim into a spare 3gs, performed no restores or anything, yet immediately most of my contacts appeared like magic. lots of more recent ones were missing however.  i have seen one post on the net suggesting that iphone saves the first 250 contacts to sim and nothing thereafter.


i find the whole backup/restore process a pain, for reasons i won't bore you with.


so my two questions are: 


1) is there any way i can deliberately save each new contact to sim, if there is enough space?


2) if not, will the phone do it automatically once i delete below 250 contacts?


any ideas from you iphone geniuses out there would be much appreciated!


many thanks

iPhone 3GS