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Israel Brewster Level 1 (15 points)

I was trying to look at my (non-mac) dns server logs today, and I noticed that four of the mac computers in our network were sending millions of queries for b._dns-sd._udp., as well as four other similar addresses. when I say millions, I mean that litterally: in one second I got over 6,000 queries just for those addresses , just from those four machines. Three of the machines are running 10.8.4, the fourth is running 10.6.8


Some reasearch has told me that these queries are tied to Bonjor, and stoping the mDNSResponder service stopped the flood (albeit at the expense of DNS resolution on said machines). Every discussion I have seen on this topic says that these queries are normal, and offers no fix. But over 6,000 queries EACH SECOND is not acceptable, and I don't buy that this volume is "normal behavior"


So what could cause mDNSResponder to go crazy like this? And more to the point, how can I fix it so my DNS servers don't get stress tested every few days?