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We use VPP for many iPads, but the likely hood of one of those being damaged/stolen/lost is high (devices imaged and deployed to multiple, and changing users) and we don't want to loose a VPP code each time one of our devices needs to be replaced due to damage, lost or stolen. Can Apple Configurator handle this situation w/o buying a new VPP code each time a new iPad is brought into the environment? I have read that backing up the configurator database should handle the issue if the MAC managing the devices and running the configurator  goes down and needs to be replaced, but what about the actual devices themselves?


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    I'm new to the job, but from what Iv'e learned in 3 weeks is that you've basically lost the VPP codes if the iPad gets crushed.


    Once the paid app is on the iPad, the only way to get the code "back into stock" is to delete the app from the iPad.

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    Hi cdgoodlett,


    Your questions address a feature that many of us want Apple to support...the ability to recover and/or redistribute VPP codes, which is so important especially in schools. However, the process you are asking for is currently unsupported by Apple and most MDM providers. Currently the only way to recover VPP codes is to remove the app from Supervised iPad(s) using Apple Configurator. If you don't have the iPad, you can't recover the VPP code(s). So yes (unfortunately) if the iOS devices is lost/stolen/broken then the VPP redemption codes are lost.


    If you were in a situation where a large number of devices were stolen all at once (like a whole cart or multiple carts), you may be able to call Apple Store support for Education at 1-800-800-2775 and explain the situation. I have heard of circumstances where VPP codes have been returned/recovered but that is a rare circumstance.


    I know its not the answer you wanted to hear, but I hope this answers your question.