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I intend to buy an iMac and I want to know if I can upgrade memory or hdd, after a while, in Apple service with extra cost?


  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,699 points)

    Yes. Upgrading RAM is easy. Upgrading the HDD is more difficult because you have to remove the screen in front.


    Apple no longer sell PowerPC Macs



  • MichelPM Level 6 (11,351 points)

    If you are planning to purchase a new 21 inch screen iMac, these do not have any way to upgrade the RAM.

    You must purchase a model with the right RAM amount you think will meet your current and future needs.

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    Whoops didn't know that. Thanks.



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    I'm curious of 27-inch: 3.2GHz, but I want to know if I can send it in Apple service to upgrade memory, HDD or graphics, after 1 year for exemple...

    It's too much now to pay the price for iMac and for all upgrades that I want it.

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,745 points)

    No. Wait until you can afford the specification you want/need - no upgrades can be made after purchase.

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    AppleCare, in general, only covers hardware, software failures and accidental damages to existing hardware.

    Any hardware failure, AppleCare will replace any failed existing hardware, but WILL NOT pay for an upgrade for a particular failed hardware component.

    AppleCare is warranty protection against the iMac's original purchased configuration, only.

    Apple grants only one free, complimentary year of AppleCare warranty repair/replacement service.

    Within the first free year of warranty service, Apple grants you the option to purchase and register for extended AppleCare warranty service that gives you two more years of free component repair/replacement service.

    The costs of the extended warranty is a fraction of what a real repair/replacement will cost you out of your pocket.


    You will pay for any upgrades or alterations to the Mac you purchase and own.


    That stated, the only upgrades you can make to an iMac (27 inch screen models only) is the RAM and hard drive/fusion drive or SSD.

    The CPU and GPU ARE NOT upgradeable after purchase.

    You need to choose the right CPU and GPU options, that will meet your present and future needs, at the time of purchase.

    You can purchase a 27 inch screen iMac model with base RAM and install cheaper third party RAM yourself in the future. Third party Mac RAM suppliers have completely compatible Mac RAM that is a lot less expensive than what Apple charges for their own RAM.

    Correct and reliable Mac RAM can be purchased from online Mac RAM sources Crucial memory or OWC (macsales.com).

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    I've mentioned in the begining I will pay for this upgrade...I just want to know if it can be done ...especially RAM and HDD.

  • MichelPM Level 6 (11,351 points)

    RAM and HDD can be upgraded.

    CPU and/or GPU, no.

  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 (55,218 points)

    RAM = YES

    Hard Disk = No


    Apple will perform the RAM upgrade on a 27" 2012 iMac however the 21.5" is not upgradeable.

    Apple will NOT upgrade the HD on either the 21.5 or 27" models.