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I am trying to export a 4 Minute video that I've created in final cut pro x and when I click Share > Export Movie from the project library (while being clicked on the timeline) nothing happens.When I try to Share to youtube or FB I get an error message saying that it cannot be exported to either of the two because it "contains no video".The only option from Share that seems to want to work is Email.The video plays great in the timeline and I've checked all 37 clips for the little camera icon as I know some clips may be corrupted but everything looks good.The footage was shot on my Canon t2i,the same camera I shot my last video with that I edited on this same Mac running this same version of final cut.I've considered that maybe the files were imported into final cut and then deleted from my Mac but then they would not be able to be edited in Final Cut,correct? I ahve not been able to find this error message anywhere on line and the problem is not that the share menu is gray'd out like i've read about on many other posts,I dont use compressor either...any help would be great!



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