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First time doing a larger edit on one of my D800 shots and I encountered the following error message when I tried to save it from Photoshop:


'Could not save "filename.psd" because the document exceeds the 2.00G limit for saving Photoshop files.'


So Photoshop refused to let me save this back into Aperture. Only thing I could think of was to "Save As" the work to my Downloads folder. Since the error message mentioned a limit on PSD files, I thought I would save it as PSB, which is meant for large files. That worked fine and I was going to drop it back into Aperture but of course, PSB is too proprietary and Aperture won't accept it.


Searching high and low on the interwebs, the closest I could find of someone having the same issue was from two years ago (2011):




One suggestion was to have Aperture create TIFFs instead of PSDs as the TIF-format has a 4GB limit. So I changed the prefs and had Aperture convert the RAW into a TIFF and open it in Photoshop. There, I copied over all layers from the PSB and tried to save the TIFF back into Aperture. But again, similar error message popped up:


'Could not save "filename.tiff" because the document exceeds the 4.00G limit for saving Tiff files.'


Pretty much like the other guy mentions in the dpreview forum. After searching a bit more on Adobe forums, PSD files supposedly can handle more than 2GB but most Plugin or Host applications have issues with them or can't deal with them at all. Fine, saved the PSB as a PSD from Photoshop back to my Downloads folder, then dropped it into Aperture. It didn't complain this time. Great, half-way there. Btw, the file size in Aperture showed as only 1.8GB.


Now, what would happen if I were to open this up again from Aperture into Photoshop? First, it creates another version since the PSD is now the Master and I was worried that it would just flatten all the layers in the new PSD that Aperture created. To my surprise though, it did open up in Photoshop with all layers intact. I made some changes to the layers and saved it back down, which to even bigger suprise now suddenly worked. I can continuallly open, edit and save the file through Photoshop and there are no more error messages.


After all this, I'm glad I found a workaround of sorts for myself but I would like to know if this detour over the Finder could be avoided. Also, what if I had a Hasselblad with 80 or 100MP. The images would be so humongeous it's not even funny. How come not more people are dealing with this issue, which seems to have been around for years and it's still not addressed (by mainly Adobe I would think)?


If anyone had another solution or any insights of this, that would be greatly appreciated.


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