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Late LATE night attempt to Reset iPhone via USB connection to iTunes ened up insread with me Erasing All Content and Settings from iPhone directly after encrypted back up of phone to Macbook then attempting Restore from Macbook to iPhone. Lost most of my iPhone contacts and still cannot remember or find copy of pw for encrypted backup UNLESS that is because my Macbook is now encrypted with FileVault. I put a copy of the password for encrypting iPhone Backup in my 1password app and am positive it is good is only being rejected because Macbook in now encrypted. All I want is my iPhone contacts. So I am de-encrypting my Macbook now. Kind of in a pickle when you loose the only copy of you resonal contacts. Can anyone help sort this mess out? My level of computer competence is really lacking.

If they would just stop spying so much these things (encryptions, FileVault etc)  would not be nessaccary.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5)