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Out of nowhere, the TV show I purchased through Apple TV is constantly buffering? I've just done an update, but otherwise have watched several episodes without this issue. Any tips?

  • vazandrew Level 6 (17,981 points)

    If you haven't yet done so, go to speedtest.net and verify that current connection is ok


    Check for possible interference by going to istumbler.net or netstumbler. If on wifi, try ethernet.


    Make sure you are on your ISPs DNS (settings - network - configure DNS - automatic)

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    Check if the disk is full. Use a ssh client and log on to your ATV. User is "root" and password is "alpine". The ip you can find in the network section of settings on ATV.


    After logon, run the command: "df -h /private/var" (do not include the ")


    It should reply something like this:


    Filesystem  Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

    /dev/disk0s1s2  6.8G  1.8G  5.0G  27% /private/var



    Only 27% is used, and there are 5Gigabytes available.


    What I've seen is that the directory for movies doesn't clear whan movie is seen.


    If there is less than 2Gb available, erase this cache manualy with command:


    "rm -rf  /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/AppleTV/Video/LocalAndRental/*"


    Then ATV will buffer OK again.



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    Would it help buffering issues with appletvs to re-set them regularly - does this clear the cash? Or re-start? In Settings - General etc...

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    Cache is typically cleared when new content is accessed. A restart would do the trick too. If it's network related then it will happen again and then it's best to troubleshoot