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I realise this has been discussed elsewhere, but I still am a little confused.  (Put that down to me!)


I am trying to figure out the most sensible way to import media from my SD card shot in AVCHD format.  So obviously, there is the Proxy and Optimized option.  I know what that does.  Proxy creates smaller files so that editing is more responsive given that FCPX does not have to deal with the big files.  Optimized makes even bigger files that work best with FCPX.  Fine, but that still leaves me confused in the real world.


I am using an Imac with a 2.8 GHz i7 processor and 16 GB ram.  So do I need to use Proxy?  Will I get better quality by using Optomized, or is my system just fine to handle the files without any converting?  Still, if I want to make smaller Proxy media, when I import and then delete the files off the SD card, am I left with only smaller, less quality files or does it also import high quality files which are dormant until I want to output to a finished film?  That is, does FCPX know to use the high quality all by itself or does it use the crummier Proxy files?


I would like to fully get how this works, but also, given my system, what is the suggested method for me?


Hope that makes sense.  Thanks!

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion