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I recently transferred my Aperture library from one external disk to another to take it on the road.

When I got back and copied everything back, I noticed my Aperture photostream went a bit loopy. I could see the title images, but when I clicked on a shared photostream all its contents disappeared. This was both for Photostreams I set up as shared Photostreams in Aperture as well as shared Photostreams from friends and family. I click the thumbnail to open the stream, and all content images disappear.


I can still see them all on my iPhone. no problem. Also when I fire up my Apple TV, all images load in fine (not as fast as in the Apple commercials and demonstrations, but still). And since the load into Apple TV, I guess they are still on the server.


If I add new images either through Aperture or the iPhone, they appear again in Aperture.


But is there a way getting my previously shared, as well as those pics from others back to appear in my Aperture Photostream albums along with comments etc?

All settings were always the same.


thaks for any help,



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), WD ext.Drives, AppleThndrbltDisplay
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    bump  - does anyone have any tips on this?

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    How old were the pictures that are missing? Since the Photo Stream servers only maintain pictures for one year, when you copied everything back to Aperture, it probably would only pickup up the more recent (read less than one year) photos that are still on the server. I went through this when I had to replace my iPhone 5 and when my wife got her iPhone - it did not show the older photos.

    You are probably seeing them on the Apple TV (I am not sure because I don't have one) because those photos are probably stored on the device itself - like the photos are stored on iPhones, iPads and Mac hard drives.

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    many of them were not even 4 months old. as a whole set. Like the one from my sister-in-law for example. her whole set disappeared in Aperture. But it is still visible on my iPhone.


    The AppleTV does not have internal storage other than a buffer for loading parts of a streaming movie, or a photostream.