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Hi, I have an older (2009) 13" MacBook Pro (the first 13" pro)


I am thinking of putting in an SSD to replace a 640 GB HDd that I installed and ill probably increase the memory to 8GB (it came with 2 but I upgraded it to 4)


My current setup runs bootcamp for windows 7, but since my new SSD will be a smaller drive I figure ill use either VMware fusion or parallels to install windows.


Amazon has fusion 5 for $30 and parallels 8 for $60, so I just wanted to know is fusion as good as parallels (since its half the cost)


Any suggests will be appreciated.



Oh, also, can I just make a clone of the Mac portion of my current HDD?

I'd use something like super duper to clone just the Mac partition then load either fusion or parallels and then install windows?



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