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i posted this elsewhere but i am basically desperate to get a couple things finalized over here so apologies if no one knows how to solve this one. just sort of hoping to get some things out of my hair once and for all...




i have an apple keyboard with numeric keypad on my mac pro running windows xp and windows 7 in addition to Lion.


for some reason the F14 key is not getting me a print screen despite spending a /lot/ of time trying to get this working.


can anyone help me get this figure out finally? there is a lot of info on the net about this but now much help.


mac tech articles seem pretty sure that F14 should be working.http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5636


what am i missing?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 64 bit Win7 in Parallels | iCloud
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    You could try Applekeys2, available here:


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    hi. thank you.


    i had run across the name when i was searching.


    can i please ask you if you have used this and/or if there are any possible problems with using it?


    also, i am running windows XP and windows 7 and this may be a dumb question but applekeys 2 looks like it is for XP. would i download it to the MAC side of the computer or do i d/l while booted into windows?


    also, it appears there is no support for a win 7 version i think, is that right?



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    I have only used it on WinXP - and it did what it claimed properly. I havent' tried it on Win7, so you could try and contact the author? or keep asking around?


    It seems benign, so I guess you could: take a safety backup, try it on XP, and try it on Win7 too.  If it doesn't work, remove it.

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    ok. thanks. i have been reading up on this this morning.


    i think 7 has a snip tool that i can use and i feel like an idiot asking this but do i /boot/ into windows xp and then install hotkeys or do i boot into mac and download it on the mac side...?



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    Agreed - I use the Win7 SnipTool too, and hence didn''t need PrntScrn so much there. I put SnipTool on my Win7 taskbar so it was always available.


    I would boot into WindowsXP and download Applekeys2 there, and then install it there.

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    hi mooblie.


    a huge (HUGE!) thanks here for the help. i have been googling this off and on for about a year believe it or not.


    anyway, the lowdown appears to be Snip tool in win 7 as you indicate (right click i think it was to a save on taskbar once it was opened) and then i used Applekeys2 which i downloaded while in windows xp.


    two notes for those that come after. 1. i did download keyboard layout creator which is a windows tool but it seemed much more powerful (and complicated) than i needed at least for this initial issue to get me going finally.


    2. i can't remember if snip tool will drop an image file in a folder or on the desktop but i did FINALLY REALIZE that part of my problem here with windows XP was that you HAVE TO PASTE the captured image into a windows image program (i am using "Paint" i think which i also pin to the taskbar). this was a major pain because having gotten used to the mac screenshot i was totally clueless that it did not function so seamlessly in windows!!


    anyway, in short the Mac screencapture could be considered a "screencapture and save to file" and the windows (XP at least) could be called a "screencapture to windows whatever memory and then DON'T FORGET you will have to paste it somewhere..."


    this requires a /lot/ of clickthroughs so i am still looking for:

    A. one shot screencapture to file on desktop funtion in the windows OS's


    B. screencapture /selected/ area instead of whole screen since this also requires post editing that i would like to avoid.


    anyway - BIG THANKS.

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    You're right, hotwheels: unlike the Mac world (which saves the file), the Windows PrintScreen ONLY puts in on the clipboard, necessitating you paste it somewhere, and THEN save it somewhere as well.  "PrintScreen" is COMPLETELY the wrong name for this function.


    Anyway, glad you've got this sorted now, and thanks for the "solved" points!

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    thank /you/


    god am i glad i am over that...