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This is the kind of situation where you think you're inside a movie like Matrix...


I had 3 calendars on Ical





They kept synchornizing bad, creating duplicates, errors, warning, all the Apple wichcraft that we all know


One day I decided to merge them all in one, and delete the others.

Alas, I was in such an anger that I deleted the wrong ones. And since then, they have disappeared for ever. Of course, in seconds, they vanished from all my iphones and ipads and other mac before I could shut them down.


After trying all the knows tricks (deleting the Ical files from library, calendars, and preferences, I decided to perform a full backup/REINSTALL from Time Machine.

A fresh one from few days before the disaster.


Believe it or now, but the dead calendars are still dead!!!

This is so illogical. A full resintall is what it is! THE SAME AS IT WAS BEFORE. But here, no!

Anybody has a clue?



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)