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home sharing simply doesn't work here (share music between two macs).


Mac Pro (Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.6.8), and powerbook pro under 10.6.8
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    Are you using the same apple id on both computers for sharing?  Click File >> Home Sharing.  Beside the "turn off" entry, you'll be able to see the apple ids.  Make sure they're the same.


    Also, click the iTunes menu >> Preferences >> Sharing.  Verify the items you want to share are selected.

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    thanks, imp68; yes, using the same apple id.

    and i am sharing the entire library, that doesn't help either.


    any further ideas? i guess it's a bug. i read that many people have problems with home sharing...

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    Also, click the iTunes menu >> Preferences >> Sharing.

    Sharing is not Home Sharing.


    See this -> Troubleshooting Home Sharing

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    yes, i know. i did this, shared the entire library, but it doesn't appear on the other mac.

    i did everything they suggest on the troubleshooting page, but nothing helps. i even disabled the firewalls on both macs but also that didn't help at all. i restarted the router, didnt help. i rebooted both macs, didn't help. i restarted everything, itunes, resigned in, to store, to homesharing etc. etc. nothing helped. the library of the mac pro doesn't appear in itunes of the macbook pro...

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    as far as i understood, sharing is just streaming the music to another computer (or device) and homesharing allows me also to copy songs from one computer to another. that's exactly what i wanted to do. i am syncing my iphone with the macbook pro, but i added music (not from the itunes store) on the mac pro. (harddisk on laptop is too small to add the entire library there, but as a dj i often use the laptop to play music/with traktor).


    the funny thing is - on finder level i can see the mac pro on the macbook pro. so that was my workaround. i copied the songs in the finder via file sharing in the finder.


    but homesharing is completely useless if it doesn't work properly. i have the same os and the same version of itunes on both macs. the problem occurred only since i updated to itunes 11. itunes 11 was the biggest mistake apple could have done - especially to heavy users who have many playlists and without multiple windows it has become impossible to manage the playlists and drag and drop from one window to another. this single window UI is just so antique, it's probably designed for touchscreens, but if you still use desktop computers, it's not the adequate way of handling files.


    i'm a mac user since 1989, by the way, i used to be a very loyal user and helped many many friends to switch from pc to mac. i am really disappointed with this development. there should be two different GUIs - one for touchscreens and one for desktops. i do hope that the next imac is not going to be a touchscreen, because all the keyboard-used people would be in a fix.


    oh - you know what helped now? i restarted my macbook pro again, left homesharing activated. then i started itunes, but nothing appeared. then i had the idea to signed off from the itunes store and immediately sign on again. now i can see the library in itunes. this is so strange!!!!! this is the help i would have needed. maybe they should add this at the trouble shooting page...