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I don't know if this is at all possible, but here's my question to you guys:


Is there a way I can format one of my personal resumes to make it a resume template withing Pages? You know the way that you can choose a pre-filled template for resumes on Pages and then it turns up with subsections that you can then write over? I want to make one of my general resumes into a template to work with so instead of: opening the general resume, editing it by erasing each section, and then saving a copy under a new name I can: open my OWN personal template, fill in over the pre-written sections, and then just save it?


This would be incredibly useful for me, as it would give me the immediate ability to look at some of my personal information and customize it, rather than open two documents side by side and editing one from the other, etc...


I hope I explained this well. I'm running iWork suite 09 on Mountain Lion 10.8.4

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)