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Having and issue with Gradient Fills in Numbers '09 version 2.3 (554)....


Gradient Fills look fine when previewed but will print as a solid fill (printing directly from Numbers) and will export to PDF as a solid fill. I've tried both the standard Export as PDF from Numbers and also saving as a PDF from the Print Preview dialog. Below is what I'm seeing, top screen shot is in Numbers, bottom is the PDF.



As viewed in Numbers:

View in Numbers.jpg



As viewed as exported PDF:

View as PDF.jpg


Oddly, this isn't happening to all gradient fills in this document.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), 16 GB RAM
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    Well, no sooner did I post this....and then I figured it out.


    In the case of the gradient fills that didn't work when printing/exporting, I was applying an Opacity setting to the color values......for example, I would start the gradient with "Red" @ 0% opacity and end with "Red" @ 80% opacity.


    What fixed it was leaving the opacity setting at 100% and using the RGB Sliders to specify the starting and ending colors in the gradient. Much more difficult than simply using the same color with varying opacity but the one gradient that I changed exported to PDF correctly.


    Interestingly (or not) any SOLID color fills using an opacity setting < 100% printed and exported just fine.


    Sounds like a bug in Numbers to me.