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Hi - I live in Cambodia and my iPhone has been very happy on 3G & wifi. I've just been back to the UK and popped in a UK SIM card for a couple of weeks, same thing, wifi & 3G worked fine. I've returned to Cambodia & put my old SIM card back in and everything is fine on wifi, but on 3G I can get all my mail, send messages and access FB, but when I try Safari (or Dolphin, another browser) it just won't connect. (Ditto my weather app!) This has been happening for 3 days.


In that time, I've:

- reset and re-entered all my moblile data details (in fact the mobile company did that at the airport too and they were stumped). I've tried again since then

- cleared all my data, cookies and history on Safari

- backed up and restored my phone completely in case it was a software issue with Safari

- tried searching communities but haven't yet found anyone who can access email but not the net!


I'm now at a loss to know what else to try. Any help appreciated!!





iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
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    Correction: I can get email but not FB.

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    Have you contacted your cell carrier?

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    Hi deggie - yes, when they re-fitted my nano SIM at the airport. But after 4 days of it not working, I've been back into see them today, and they have checked everything on my account, and that's fine. They also switched my SIM into one of their iPhones, and it worked, but when they put their SIM into my phone, then the internet stalled again. So it's definitely an issue with the phone not the network. :-(

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    Having narrowed it down to something wrong with the phone, I did another full factory reset but this time did not opt for "restore" from my previous settings. Instead I set up everything new again ... and this time 3G works perfectly.

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    I'm moving to Cambodia in June and am about to buy an iPad of my own as I'm currently sharing my daughter's.


    Hers is wifi-only, which I occasionally supplement with the 3G on my android phone. Is wifi easy to find in phnom penn or should I pay extra for built in 3G?



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    Hi John - wifi is widely available in coffee shops, hotels & restaurants. I had an iPad with my last job that had 3G and I used it on wifi 95% of the time.


    Hope that helps.