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Hi - I live in Cambodia and my iPhone has been very happy on 3G & wifi. I've just been back to the UK and popped in a UK SIM card for a couple of weeks, same thing, wifi & 3G worked fine. I've returned to Cambodia & put my old SIM card back in and everything is fine on wifi, but on 3G I can get all my mail, send messages and access FB, but when I try Safari (or Dolphin, another browser) it just won't connect. (Ditto my weather app!) This has been happening for 3 days.


In that time, I've:

- reset and re-entered all my moblile data details (in fact the mobile company did that at the airport too and they were stumped). I've tried again since then

- cleared all my data, cookies and history on Safari

- backed up and restored my phone completely in case it was a software issue with Safari

- tried searching communities but haven't yet found anyone who can access email but not the net!


I'm now at a loss to know what else to try. Any help appreciated!!





iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4