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My ipod touch 4g will not let me access itunes and the app store. Messages appear saying "cannot connect to itunes store" and "server with the specified hostname cannot be found". Then when I am able to get into the app store (rarely), I try to download an app and a message pops up saying "unable to download application <application name> is unable to download at this time", and there are 2 options- done and retry. I have tried both options multiple times, but nothing solves the problem. Then, when I go into safari, it says "safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found". I am connected to wifi, and my ipod is updated (6.1.3). Itunes doesnt work on my computer now either. Similar messages pop up when i try to sync my ipod, go to the itunes store, and even right when I open Itunes. It says similar messages with the server issue, along with messages sayin that Itunes is unable to open. I NEED to fix this problem, because otherwise my ipod is useless. Please help me!!!

Oh an My computer is a windows

iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 6.1.3