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im trying to connect my new ip camera (zavio F1105) to the network. in the instalation guide it says something about opening bonjour in safari and then choosing the camera. but when i open bonjour there's no any camera or whatever showing, only info about bonjour. anyone can tell me how exactly all this works?

i need to install & connect this ip camera through wifi, so i can see the images & video on my macbook pro & on my iphone. where do i start?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    My IP cameras (Q-see) show up under the "webpages" folder in Bonjour, using Safari.  To access Bonjour: in Safari Preferences, under Bookmarks, check the box for "Include Bonjour" under Bookmarks Bar.


    Clicking Bonjour in the Bookmarks Bar provides a drop down menu and the Webpages folder is listed.  Clicking Webpages, I am able to see my IP cameras listed.  When I click on a specific camera, it brings up the camera's webpage.  I can then log in to the camera using the User ID and password as provided my the camera manufacturer.  Once logged in, I can adjust the camera's settings and update the camera's firmware.

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    when i click on bonjour it says "no bonjour websides available" so it still doesnt work :-(

    now i also tried to connect the camera directly to the router, but still cant see it. may be i need to try to install it with the cd that came with the camera, but then i'll need normal pc and can't do it on my mac..

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    i now installed an app called SUPER SCAN and i could see the cam's IP. now i'll se if i can configure it and hopefully will work :-)