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the MacBook Air 11" Backlit Sheets is show some damage after the screen crack.

i have been looking over place in australia to find it.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    Apple does not readily supply backlights or other apple parts (aside from ram or processors when applicable) to average citizens, as self-service would most likely void the warranty on that or another part. 


    Buying a third party replacement screen is also not recommended, as third-party screens

         A: are not trusted to work and may fail quickly/not work at all

         B: are not covered by the machine's remaining warranty/apple care

         C: require self installation or ACT installation that may void the product's remaining warranty.




    If you need a new screen (as it would sound that the whole screen needs replacing anyway) I would definitely take that machine to an available Apple store Genius Bar.




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    tks for the advice


    cheer !!