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I was trying to burn photos onto a DVD-R disc today. It would burn and then when verifying, it would

give me the error code above and eject the disc. I tried again, with 2 other discs, and the same thing happened.


Then I read somewhere that said when the disc begins to burn, to immediatly CLOSE the FINDER window, by clicking the RED button to close it.


I put another disc in, and closed the finder immediatly once the BURN began. I still got the error code when it started verifying.


I clicked the disc image and the photos DID burn even though I got the error code.

To test it further, I put the DVD on my friend's pc laptop and, indeed, the photos were burned.


I proceeded to burn more discs, always immediatly closing the finder once the burn began.


Continued getting the verifying error code, but all the DVD's burned fine.


By the time I got to burning more of them, the verify process went all the way!


What I'm saying is, as long as you close the finder immediatly when it starts burning, even if you get that error code listed in my subject, just ignore it. Then test it and see if your photos burned to the dvd.


They did for me. I am using Mountain Lion and it works fine, error code or not.


Not sure why some of us get that code, but closing the Finder is the answer, at least for me.


Hope this helps someone else.