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Somehow my password was forgotten and so I changed it through my account. I don't remember which one it was but aren't they linked? or the same thing? I changed it, and it worked on one but not the other. HELP!

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    Too many "it" in the post, confusing.  The second sentence, "I don't remember which one it was..." - what's "it", the password, the account ID?  Do you have multiple Apple IDs?  Multiple icloud accounts?

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    My bad.


    OK. I went online to the apple's site to manage my apple ID. I went into the "forgot" password settings and set a new one. Problem is, that the apple ID only asks for the first half of the user name. It looks like I may have a few apple accounts.


    I assumed that they were all the same and or linked to the same account? Guessing not?


    For example, I went into my system preferences on my iMac and went under icloud to re-enter the new password. It regected the new one that I just created. But on my icloud account, it ends with @mac.com. Within my email, it has the@icloud.com.


    Once I reset the password online, it won't accept the password anywhere but to log in to my apple account. Such as to log into write on this forum.


    Hope this is less confusing. Might just need to visit a mac genius tomorrow... LOL


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