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How can I download a talk that I purchased within an app?  It will download the preview but not the full talk.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi
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    But no help?

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    Need to provide more details.


    What app? What is the "talk"?


    Are you downloading from the iTunes store?


    Don't double post. Apple will delete your duplicate post.


     Cheers, Tom

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    The app that was down loaded was Ignatius Press, Lighthouse  Catholic Media.  The talk, which I purchased was "No Turning Back:  From  Teenage Rebel to Catholic Priest".  The talk won't download.  The preview did but not the talk.

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    I know nothing about the app, but did you by chance look in the Music app - in the More tab at the bottom of the app? Or do you know for a fact that the talk should download directly into the app so that you can list me to it in there?


    Or it is a Podcast perhaps?

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    This is all so frustrating!  I don't understand what you are talking about pod cast etc.  I will try and find another way of solving my problem.  thank you all for trying to help.

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    Forget about the podcasts.


    Did you look in the Music app? In the MORE button at the bottom of the app? If this downloads as an audiobook you might be able to find it in there.


    If you can't figure out where the talk has downloaded to, try emailing them here. The website support for this app is totally non existent. All that they show under support on the website is a way to email them.