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Please note that QT movies will always play in IE for us, with or without proxy access enabled. But firefox is a different animal!

We have been experiencing a problem since QT 6.5 installed on WinXP Pro and Firefox.

If you install QT 7.1, windows XP pro SP2+, firefox 1.5.x, and if you enable proxy access in IE, then firefox always hangs if you try to access a QT trailer on www.apple.com/trailers, even though proxy access isn't enabled in Firefox.

Now if I also enable proxy access in Firfox as well as IE, QT still causes Firefox to crash.

If proxy, access is left on in Firfox and turned off in IE, you can play QT movies in Firefox withyout a crash.

If proxy access is turned off in IE and Firefox, QT movies play in Firefox.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem with Firefox, QT 7 (any version from 6.5 and 7.0 up) and proxy access?

Hopefully someone can help, TIA,


HP dx2000, Windows XP Pro, proxy firefox crash