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How do I get my Apple TV to talk to my Sony Bravia TV after updating. It used to work fine. Then I moved house and the Sony was in storage for 12 month. I used the Apple TV  on my smaller tv during that time with no problems. Now I'm in my new house with the big Bravia ready to go hooked up to the Apple TV and it won't recognize it any more. It's like the updates on thenApple TV have outpaced the Bravia. There is no way to update the firmware on the Bravia. All 3 HDMI ports work because I have another streaming box hooked up to the Bravia with no problems.,its just like it doesn't like the Apple TV anymore. I rang Sony, but they were no help. Neither were Apple. Any advice anyone.

Apple TV (2nd generation)
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    Hi @Surfbroad, sorry to hear that, I can imagine how frustrating that can be. Is your Sony Bravia full HD 1080p? And/or have you had the chances to match your Apple TV's resolution to match your TVs, by going to Settings > Audio & Video > TV Resolution?

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    Yes, it is a full 1080HD TV

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    I did what you suggested. I had to hook ATV up to other TV so I could see it and navigate to settings etc. the resolution I choose was 1024 x 760 60hz.   Something like that. There was no 1080 option on the Apple TV so I chose what I thought was the highest res option. Now hooked back up to Nravia, and still no picture.

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    I have an Apple Tv hooked up to a Sony Bravia TV on HDMI input port 2 on the Sony and have both picture and audio.  I assume you are selecting the HDMI input on the TV that you have the ATV connected to?

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    @Surfbroad you've probably done the following, but as @IpadinParadise has suggested, can you confirm that you're selecting the HDMI input on the TV that's Apple TV is connected to? Also, is the audio playing fine while the screen's black?


    If you've made sure that the input setting you've selected on your TV matches the input you have your video cables connected to, then change the Apple TV resolution by pressing and holding the "Menu" and "Up" button for six seconds. The Apple TV will automatically cycle to the next resolution at approximately 20 second intervals. Pressing the "Select" button will immediately cycle to the next resolution. This should choose the appropriate/compatible resolution for your TV automatically.


    If the above doesn't work, and if your Apple TV is 1st generation, try component cables instead (and disconnect the HDMI cable temporarily).


    Apple's Basic Troubleshooting guide for Apple TV might be helpful: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1551


    And the following link provides Tech Specs for Apple TV generations 1 through 3: http://support.apple.com/kb/SP648


    I hope that helps.

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    Yes, I have the correct input selected on HDMI. I've tried all the HDMI inputs with the ATV. None of them will recognize the ATV. I have another device hooked up to HDMI on the Bravia and it sees it fine. My other TV sees my ATV fine too. It's just the Bravia will not sense it! I've done everything that you have all suggested. I've done it over and over. My friends TV which is a Bravia, won't sense my ATV either! I tried their ATV with my Bravia and it worked! It's doing my head in all this....