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So I was trying to get my charger out of my iPad when it broke inside. I was able to take out the charger but the charger was bent. Since my old charger was bent I didn't want to try and put it back in the charging port so I ordered a new charger. When the new charger came it didn't fit in my iPad and I realized something must've been stuck in there. I tried tweezers to pull it out but I couldn't find what part to pull. I sent the iPad for repair but it's not covered by the limited one year warranty and I would have to pay $305. Not having that type of money I decided to let them send my iPad back.  I was thinking of taking it to radio shack and let them replace it for $130 but I want to know if there is another way to fix this by myself without having to pay so much money. I really don't want to go to the apple store since it's so far away and I don't want them telling me I have to pay and waste my time driving to and from the store. Has anyone ever have this problem, if so how did you fix it?


Here's a picture of my charger

: Aviary Photo_130176227274571958.png




Here's a regular charger:


Aviary Photo_130176229804295596.png


Here's a comparison between the two:


Aviary Photo_130176225711982073.png

iPad (4th gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6.0.1
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    Ok Guys. I fixed the problem by myself(didn't really get much help on here though). I used a bobby pin broken in two and wedged it out. The charger fits and charges great. If anyone else has this problem try to use a bobby pin and it's okay if you use a little force thats the only way to get it out.

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    Hey! This happened to my iPad and I was scared to take out the piece and read this. It gave me hope!!! What was the piece stuck in your ipad?

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    It was the top part of my charger. Don't be afraid afraid to use a little force. The situation can't get any worse than it is. Just use a bobby pin or small screwdriver and pull it out. I fthe object inside is metal try using a magnet to pull it out. Before you go and soend $100-$200 try and see if you can fix it yourself. I was about to spend a whole bunch of money on something that I simply had to pull out. Hoped this helped!

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    How big was the thing?? I tried doing what you told me to do and the piece just keeps getting wrecked and it get smaller and harder to remove

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    Same thing just happened to me today, this is a horrible design. I just bought my Ipad a few months ago. I am so mad right now. i have tried many ways to remove the piece but it wont budge. 

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    On another thread, someone else described super-gluing a folded twist-tie onto the metal that was stuck inside. Once it was thoroughly dried and tight, he was able to pull it out. Best of luck to you all, and I hope this never happens to me...

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    Folks in general just need to be careful. In your digging if you mess anything up in that port it'll be called accidental damage at best, abuse at worst. If you break or damage the connections in there, fixing it is on your nickle.

    not saying your ideas are bad, just saying take care in your DIY.