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When I don't use the iPod for a few days and then try to start it up, it won't turn on at all. The only way I can get it to work is to connect it to the computer. It also seems to lose its charge quickly. I sent it back to have it checked out and I was told it worked fine, but I continue to have the same problems. I'm stuck. Any suggestions? Would Restore help?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    A restore may help.

    How are you trying to turn it on though?

    See this as well...
    About Sleep, Deep Sleep, Hibernation, and Sleep Timer

    Finally, does resetting it turn it on?
    Resetting iPod

    For the battery issues...
    Tips And Tricks For iPod Battery
    iPod Battery Unplugged
    Caring For iPod Battery
    About the iPod Battery
    And use this to test how long the battery actually lasts...
    How To Determine Your iPods Battery Life

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    I read the link re: hibernation, which applies to the Nano. Deep sleep apparently does not. Essentially, I turn the Nano completely off by pressing the play/pause button. After, say three days, when I try to turn it back on, no matter how many different buttons I press, including Select, it will not turn back on. It will only do so after I hook it up to my Mac.
    Another odd thing. I charged the iPod all night on my Mac and it was fully charged. When I put the hold button on for awhile, and then took it off Hold, the battery was more than half used, and I hadn't even used the Nano. I'm totally puzzled.
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    I believe the iPod nano has deep sleep. That article probably needs an update.

    If you reset it, will it turn back on?

    Try a restore. Sometimes a restore will fix things problems like this...
    Restore the iPod

    As for the battery, if you use the iPod for a few minutes, does the indicator readjust and show higher battery life?

    Does the iPod say "Charged" when it is finished charging?

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    I'm going to test some of the things you're suggesting and then send you a reply. I hope that's OK and you'll see my message and answer me.
    thanks for all your helpful suggestions.
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    I spoke with someone at the Genius Bar yesterday at the Apple Store, and he told me that if I don't use my iPod for a few days, even though it's turned off, it will completely lose the charge and that's why I'm experiencing this problem. He said that technically, the Nano is always on, even though it's "turned off." So, do I always have to have the iPod connected to a charger when I'm not using it, even though it was charged when I stopped charging it?