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So, I hadn't used my Verizon cellular data on my iPad 3 for awhile.  A couple of weeks ago, I was on the road and needed to use it, but kept getting this "The SIM is either no longer supported or is associated with another account" message.


It's fully covered under AppleCare, but their response was "call Verizon, it's thier problem".


Went to a verizon store.  They decide to swap out the SIM card.  Then they had trouble getting it activated and after long calls to Verizon support, they have me give her my credit card number, and it is eventually activated.   Sort of.


Now, when I get to the "Veiw Account" section, under "Settings" -> "Cellular Data", I see the following message:





So, I got to My Verizon, and try to register or access this account, I see this:


verizon website.jpg



I've been at the darn VZW store for a couple of hours working on this, and I've been on the phone with their customer service/support for over an hour and none of them have a CLUE!   I call Apple via AppleCare, and I get the "It's Verizon's problem, go talk to them" message.


So now I have this what is basically a Wi-Fi only iPad 3 that will have cellular service for the next 23 days and then I have to figure this stuff out again!!  I bought this on Apple's site when they first came out, and one of the big features of them was how you only need to buy data when you need to, but I've heard that Verizon turns off the SIM after 6 months of inactivity (I heard this from one of the reps at the Verizon store) and apparently NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO TURN THEM BACK INTO WIFI-CELLULAR "pay when you want it" models once this is done.


Personally, I think Apple should honor their AppleCare agreement and give me a replacement one so that I can get it set up correctly for "pay when you need it" service, as was intended with this product. 


To top it all off, this now appears on my iPad every 4 to 5 minutes:




but nothing seems to change.


Has anybody ran into a similar problem?  If so how did you get it resolved?




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    I've seen this issue before with Verizon and (1) it is their problem and (2) they are the ones who should solve it. You can make a Genius Bar appointment at your nearest Apple Store and plead your case and get them to replace your unit but since the error also appears in your Verizon account that will not solve your issue. Unless you are will to get the replacement unit AND cancel all service/accounts with Verizon and set up a new account.


    Never had any issues like this with AT&T.

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    I understand the problem is with Verizon.  You've seen issues like this, you say, but have you ever seen any resolved?


    I have AT&T for my iphone, but the whole point of this Verizon iPad with "pay when you want it" (no contract)  data was for times when AT&T isn't working as well in an area - so I would hot spot off the iPad when Verizon had better service and go the other way when I was getting better AT&T coverage.


    But, after dealing with Verizon, apparently the only thing to do would be to punt and start from scratch with another iPad, which is no problem for me, but I'd hate to be the person who bought my current iPad used and attempting to get an account set up.

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    Most likely the person who got yours would have no issues as they would be using a different account. I have seen people resolve this but they had to escalate it up the Verizon chain. You on the other hand probably would have problems with the new one using your existing account.

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    You keep mentioning this account, but there is none.  That message i get on the iPad doesn't appear after asking me for an email address and a password - it just pops up when I click on "View Account" - there is no log int name or email, there is no way to associated the phone number of the ipad with an account, as seen from the second picture I posted.


    I've got lots of email addresses - verizon doesn't have my SS#, doesn't have an email address of mine, I've never signed anything with Verizon.  If I could just set up a new account on the iPad, this wouldn't be a problem.


    I even did a full restore of this iPad, so that it would look like a brand new iPad, and I still get that message.


    Obviously, someone screwed up at Verizon when they put the new sim card in, but no seems to be able to fix it.

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    They would also need to re-provision your iPad in addition to putting a new microSIM in it. Did they do this at the Verizon shop?


    Take a shot with the Apple Store, plead your case and see what happens.

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    lol, I probably will - I think Southlake Town Square has both a Verizon and an Apple store, so I'll do it there...

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    Say to everyone at the Apple Store for me, was there yesterday and today. Maybe you could kidnap a rep from both places and sit them down til the work it out.


    Pop into Whole Earth Provision if you haven't already, they went in where Robb & Stuckey furniture was.

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    There is a thread going on over at Macrumors about this same exact thing. Apparantly, they deactivate your sim card if you don't use it for two months and then you have to get a new one. People have had trouble getting a new sim card from Verizon so they simply bought one from eBay and were able to activate their iPad that way.


    AT&T gives you three months, T-Mobile gives you a year. Yes, this is entirely a Verizon problem and has nothing to do with Apple.

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    Also know this, the Verizon iPad is GSM capable.  You can choose to be rid of the "problem" at any time.

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    Dirty Vegas wrote:


    Also know this, the Verizon iPad is GSM capable.  You can choose to be rid of the "problem" at any time.

    However, it will most likely not work on any other domestic 4G LTE network.