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    This is the sesond time asking this, but have you tried a restore?

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    Yes I have tried that like 1,000 000 000 times!!!!!


    I have my appointment today (Friday) and I'm hoping that that will not have to replace that because I can't afford that right now!

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    and how did you restore it? (its important to know the method)

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    At this point, restoring the software shouldn't matter. According to Gemma's post on the previous page of this discussion, the button itself is damaged. The "black has separated from the white back" is what Gemma said. That would indicate a hardware problem.


    Gemma claims to not be able to afford a replacement and I suppose is hoping that the button can be repaired. It may be reparable by an Apple Genius, but the point is that restoring the device is not going to help if the button is physically broken.


    I suggested using Accessibility as the workaround and Gemma is using that now, but also states that the need of the home button is necessary. Not sure how that is going to happen if paying for it is out of the question. The iPad is out of warranty and even if this was a manufacturer defect it wouldn't matter now.


    This is a screenshot of the reply that stated that the button appears to be broken.



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    Regardless of the physical condition,if it were me, I would exhaust all possible solutions. How could you possibly determine for sure what might work without trying. Is not possible that their may be more than one issue. Maybe one software related and one hardware related? We cannot see the device, we cannot hold it in our hands and experience for ourselves what is going on.

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    I'm not disputing or disagreeing with what you are saying, honestly I'm not. That really wasn't the point of my post, even though it came off that way and I certainly was not trying to call you out on your advice or suggestions. IMO - I think you are beating your head against the wall. That's all that I meant

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    I went to the Apple Genius Bar I thought I would have to pay for it because I thought the iPad was a 1 yer warranty and I got mine in December 2011 therefore my warranty would be up. Although it turns out the iPads warranty was 2 years! (Yay). So now I've got all my data back (by syncing with my computer) and the best part is that it's better than the new one and I love it but since my warranty is up in less than 5 months I have to really start taking care of it better!!!!!!!!!!!!! I suggest a case because its not just for the look but it also protects the iPad or other device from the inside.


    Gemma is out, Peace!

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