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Can somebody please help me.

I was using Apple Mail with my Gmail for quite some time then I had to use Outlook provided by my workplace. I recently left the job and now back on using Apple mail to manage my gmail.



I just noticed that there's this weird thing 'labels'. I spent some time going through threads and changed settings few times..... but I cant get rid of this [google mail] underneath my mailboxes which I used to see and use before.



I dont like to see this  [google mail] thing as it seems a duplication to me.

And since I dont access usually from gmail via webmail but more often with Apple Mail, I liked how it worked - delete on Apple Mail gets deleted on gmail server.... I just want to use it as it was before.....



I cant find the way and since theres no contact email for google nor help centre, can someone please please help me? Im attaching screenshots here below...



I JUST HATE UGLY UNNECESSARY STUFF ON MY LAYOUT¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ in this case - the label...



Many thanks,




MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I use Gmail myself, and there's only one way to keep all those folders from appearing in Apple Mail. You need to go online to your Gmail account, go to settings, then under labels, you want to deselect any labels you don't want that are in the last column under "show in IMAP". Be sure to save when you're done.

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    Go to Advanced (see the second screenshot) and use a IMAP Server Prefix like

    • [Google Mail]
    • [Gmail]
    • try, whatever appear (see first screenshot, red circle)


    Hope, that helps! Remember to activate the labels, that should be visible at Apple Mail (last screenshot)