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I am having issues exporting photos from Aperture - any photo export I make turns out solid black.


I have been using aperture for years with no problem - and all of a sudden I am having issues today. Whichever way I try to export - whether it is file and export, or sharing through facebook - the image comes out a solid black. An additional (related) issue is that when I edit a photo (crop, cimple color adjust etc.) the image then appears the same solid black in the browser. If I double click on the image I can see it again (most of the time - there are a couple I am unable to see).


I took the shots with my Nikon D7000, imported them to my iPad, and then into aperture (which has always worked in the past).


I have run all updates on Aperture, my mac, and checked other forums but can't find any solutions.


Is anyone else having this problem?

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), iMac
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    Are you exporting originals or edited versions? Can you export the originals without added artefacts?


    Have you checked the color sync profile in your export setting? Maybe the color profile file you are using has become corrupted. Try, if you can export correctly, if you edit your export preset and change the settings for the color profile.


    When exporting, select "Edit" in the export preset menu, edit the preset and change the color profile, then export with the edited preset.


    Are the images still solid black? Also check the Gamma adjust and the watermark,if they may be turning the pictures black.


    Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 01.20.37MESZ.PNG



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    Hey leonieDF


    Thanks for your reply. I am exporting edited versions - export seems to work OK when exporting originals. But all my images are edited a bit, even if just simple cropping etc.


    I tried adjusting the color sync profile as you suggested but this didn't help. I also adjusted the gamma and watermark and again, no change.


    It seems like I have some kind of bug or something within Aperture, because it is doing all kind of strange things, like now eny time I edit a photo at all it appears solid black in my "browse" view (but OK when I double click it). Similarly, when I duplicate a photo it does random funky stuff to the photo in browse view (from being solid black, to solid red, to appeairng to have some random color filter, to appearing like static from static TV). These issues are all secondary though from the main issue of not being able to export images, since I have a friends wedding photos I am trying to get out to them!


    Any other ideas of what might be causing this?


    Thanks for your help!

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    try to narrow down the problem and to see, if it is depending on your current Aperture library, your user settings, or system wide:

    • Is the same thing happening, if you are using a different Aperture library? (create a new one by using the command File > Switch to Library > Other/new and test in this library). If you can export from a new library, use the Aperture Library First Aid Tools on your current library.
    • If you cannot export from any library, Is the same thing happening, when working from a different user account? If Aperture is working fine from a different user account, remove your User Preferences, as described here: Aperture 3: Troubleshooting Basics


    If it does not work from any account, post back. In that case you may need to reinstall Aperture or MacOS X.




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    Leonie - thank you for such helpful replies! I took your advice and reinstalled Aperture (actually, while I was at it, I decided to just reformat my iMac completely and reinstall everything from scratch). That fixed whatever bugs were causing the issues in the first place. All is working now. Thank you again!!

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    You are welcome

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    H Chris. I suddenly started getting the same thing. Any images that are edited, if I select to display that picture only it displays as all back. Looks OK in the browser window but not when I view just that picture.

    I don't really fancy reinstalling Aperture but I guess I will have to if a fix is  not clearly evident.

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    Sean - I hope you managed to get the issue resolved. As I mentioned, reinstalling Aperture seemed to solve the issue for me.