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I am having problems booting my 2006 Mac Pro 1,1. I was using my computer just fine and then I shut the computer down. When I tried to restart it the computer booted the the Apple logo and the status whell began turning, and then a progress bar appears under that and begins to load. It loads about 1/10 of the way, dissappears and then the computer shuts off.

I booted the computer using Command + R and attempted to reinstall OSX Lion, but it would not allow me to select a drive to install too. They are all grayed out. From here I went into Disk Utility and attempted to Verify Disk Permissions. A laundry list of errors immediatly came up. Next step was the verify the disk, at which point the message read that the disk seamed to be corrupted and needed to be repaired. I tried to repair the disk but was then told that the disk couldn't be repaired, to recover any data and reformat the drive.

The problem with this is that I have not backed anything up (yes I know I am a TARD) but this is my situation and I need some help. At this point I would just like to recover the info that's on this disk, and without a computer to do this I'm not sure how to do this. At this moment I am attempting to make a disk image of the corrupted drive in hopes that this will allow me to restore it later.


Please somebody help. I bought this computer with a lot of pre-installed programs, (i.e Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Studio, etc.) not to mention all of my other files.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    You have exhausted the things Recovery_HD or the Installer/Utilities DVD can do for you. To attempt to recover anything from that disk, you need a running version of Mac OS X, not just Recovery_HD.


    You need to go out and BUY a new drive, and Install Mac OS X on that. Under US$100 for a 1TB WD Black, and under US$150 for a 2TB. Buy several while you are up.


    Where will you put the recovered files, if you can get any?  You may need an external enclosure as well.

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    I have an external drive that I used to keep files backup up on, again I'm a TARD, and no longer do. I've been messing around with the Recovery option when I boot and during this venture saw my main HD unmount and just would not do anything. After trying a few things I reset the system again and when I got back to recovery noticed that the drive had mounted again. I am now using disk utility to copy the entire contents of this main HD to the external drive. Est. time remaining is 12 hours. I did have the external filled up with some stuff but nothing I wasn't willing to trade for all of my applications (that came pre-installled when I bought the machine) and other files. I've read that even doing this isn't a fail proof way to solve the problem as their are still corrupted files, but Disk Utility said that my drive couldn't be repaired and to backup what I could and format the drive. I am hoping that backing up everything to this external drive will give me at least some oportunity to recover my apps, files etc. It also said that if disk utility couldn't fix the drive to boot from the CD and try it that way. Unfortunatly I downloaded Lion and don't have one. I just bought this HD about 2 years ago. Is a Seagate and I haven't had any problems from it. When my computer stopped working I had just been using it and just reset the computer. I am definitly going to get another drive but what are your thoughts on my ability to recover everything? I've heard there are some programs that can handle it.