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Couple questions:


1.  When profiles send out, will they only send upon a restart/login?

2.  When a profile fails to send, where can I find the cause?

3.  We have Cisco switches, and profiles will not send over a wired connection.  Even if the device has its wireless on and connected, if its connected to Ethernet at all, a profile will not send...the task stays in the "In Progress" mode and never completes.  Is there a setting on the Mac Mini server I need to enable for this functionality to send over Ethernet?  Or is it an issue with routing on our network?

Mac mini, OS X Server, Device Groups
  • iToaster Level 3 (735 points)

    Profiles should push over both wired and wireless

    check the profiles your pushing over the wire for any entries that could be causing the profile to fail

    Try pushing the minimum settings you can and see if that's successful

    If the machine you're pushing to is off line that will also cause "in progress"

    Could also be your network different subnet, vlan etc, firewalls blocking the profile