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About a months ago I purchased the Canon Rebel seriesT5i... Love the camera, wonderful video and wonderful digital photographs.


For my pre-sales questions to canon, I was led to believe that iMovie would work with using the SanDisk Ultra SDHC Card 32 GB class 10...(Allowing me to capture video directly in iMovie from the SD card)


However much to my surprise a 53 seconds video clip took 10 minutes to get halfway done and then suddenly crashed my iMovie.


I'm using  a 27 iMac...With 32 gigs of ram with OS 10.8.3. and iMovie 9.0.9


I called AppleCare and I was advised that this camera's video is not supported under the iMovie and and Final Cut Pro.


So I'm wondering if any of you have experience with this camera along with iMovie and can tell me if there is a workaround to use what I shot. I really need to get these videos out ASAP.


I currently have the latest version of Aperture. I do not own Final Cut Pro at this time. Looking for a cheap  and fast and inexpensive way to get my video into iMovie so I can produce my videos.


Thank you for any help anyone. I am very sure that there are people out there who are using this camera, Putting videos on  iMovie or even Final Cut Final Cut Pro's new program.


Canon did provide a CD that lets you capture the video and I haven't tried using that and then importing it into iMovie I assume that would be my work around but I wish I could do it directly in iMovie like I did on my none HD camera....that would make it a lot simpler.

iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)