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My wifi on /off button is greyed out. Tried reset to no avail.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3
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    Did you follow the instructions in that troubleshooting article you reference?  If so and that did not help, then do:


    Settings > Airplane Mode ON and Do Not Disturb ON

    Power down and wait 5-10 minutes

    Power up

    Settings > Airplane Mode OFF nd Do Not Disturb OFF


    That has helped several other users get WiFi to work again.

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    Hi I've tried resetting etc many times no luck so just left it in bright sunlight face down for 30 minutes switched on and yes no Gray and connected instantly will see how long it lasts and will keep you updated hope it works for you .

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    There have been variations on this theme the past couple of days...this is not a good practice.  Leaving the iPhone in a closed, hot car, heating with a hair dryer, leaving in the hot sun all may seem to help but in the long run cause irreperable damage.  The temperature limit on an iPhone is 95 F operating and 113 F non-operating.  Those limits are for a reason, exposure to higher temperatures damages the solid state devices and circuitry causing eventual failure, in addition to significant reduction in battery life.

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    Hi Ralph thanks for your reply happy to say another day and alls well not greyed out and connects to wi/fi instantly looks as if I done it before phone got to hot thanks again .

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    Well still going well hope this will help others .