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Much to our disapointment we have discovered that Apple does not accept Canadian Credit Cards for any purchases to anyone in the UK. We are part of the same Commen Wealth are we not?? We are trying to purchase an iPad for our daughter who lives in Wales, United Kingdom and have tried the Canadian Apple website, the UK Apple website and have tried several 1 800 numbers, with NO success. The last number we were given said that we could absolutly have our request looked after but after speaking to the UK representative, they were unable to help. We were told "We accept credit cards from many countries but Canada ia NOT one of them".


Last we checked Canada is in a better finacial position than many other countries in the world. This is discrimination against Canada.


Completely disappointed and mystified.  Has anyone been able to work around this problem??

iPad 2, iOS 6.1.4
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    You can use a credit card in the online Apple Store in Canada.



    I don't think that you can use a Canadina credit card in the UK store. Is that what you are trying to do?

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    On an iOS device using iTunes or App Stores, you have to use a form of payment native to the country of the store you are shopping in.  So, if shopping in the UK store on your iPad, you would need a credit card issued by a UK source, with a billing address in the UK.


    All the iTunes and App stores are country specific, and use may even be blocked if accessing the store from a foreign IP address.  You cannot use a Canadian form of payment in any other iTunes store than the Canadian one.


    You cannot gift items from the iTunes or App store to another country either - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2736?viewlocale=en_US 

    Gifts are only redeemable in the country of origin, nothing new about that.


    I don't know what the commonwealth has to do with it - Canada and the UK are independent nations.  The commonwealth is largely a symbolic union - each member state has no legal obligations to any other and theres is nothing about the commonwealth that subverts independent laws about cross border commerce nor individual national copyright limitations and local taxation.