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Hi There,


I have a Mac Pro running OSX 10.8.4


It is currently running 4gb RAM on a 2x2.8GHz Quad-core Intel Xeon processor


I usually leave it on constant in the wekk but switch it off over the weekend, but when I try to start it back up again, it will make the start up noise, but then switch off. After a few goes and after going into safe mode I can usually get up and running on the 5th or 6th go.


Is this just a power issue and need the pack replacing or is it perhaps to do with the lack of RAM to support the applications it runs?


I have ordered another 4gb stick to add to it to try and speed things up, but unsure if I need to order a new power pack.









Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    yours is Early 2008 "3,1" model


    Yes there are now cheaper and better FBDIMMs and 4GB is low.


    Maybe your update to 10.8

    Maybe your graphic card

    maybe you should and dont' have a UPS (900W/1500VA) - systems run better longer and have much fewer issues

    might be time to do a clean OS install and not keep using the same system, even if you are very diligant and repair it every time it freezes, used ML Recovery Mode, AND were using Safe Boot Mode after these events on next restart.


    Turning off on warm boot? cold boot only? you know that is to me a design issue with the 2008. They shipped with a bug in EFI (they wre the first EFI64 / UEFI 2.x) to resolve a freeze on waking from sleep. Also an SMC firmware update. And firmware for the ATI 2600XT that they shipped with. Always better to skip the "first edition" and with new chips and factory firmware.


    Tempermential. They or yours - might want to try - are fine with 10.6.8.


    What you have to look for are any PowerPC apps you wre using. Still present from "upgrade over SL in place" rather than clean installing.


    Any 3rd party hardware, PCIe cards, external devices and such.


    You should definitely do a SMC Reset.


    And I would try with a single new hard drive just for the system for testing with 10.6.8 and/or ML.


    If you have old original or 4-5 yr old RAM try with just the new RAM.

    How To Install and Remove Memory Mac Pro


    2x2GB FBDIMM DDR2 667MHz @ $32



    I would leave PSU replacement for last but www.dvwarehoiuse.com does carry those or your usual luck with ebay.