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Once I have downloaded an assortment of photos from my camera, I place them into separate folders according to the category I have named. In so doing, the photos are in the album, but remain in the import file which for some reason did not do so whenever I performed this task. What now occurs, is when I go to remove the photos in the imported file, it also removes them from the album.


I am confused with what I am doing to cause this occurrence. I used to perform this task successfully when in the import screen without losing the photos once I placed them in their respective albums.


Need help to sort myself out. I am a stickler for categorizing my photos according to the occasion. It makes it so easy to retrieve them whenever I want to send them to friends or to groups.


Hope I can resolve my confusion in what I am doing wrong.




Message was edited by: kananaskis I used to be able to sort my imported photos without the aforementioned occurrence. It appears to occur using a new camera.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Last Import is not a place it's a List - the list of photos last imported. It's a handy shortcut, no more.


    iPhoto makes a lot of use of virtualisation. Photos can be in unlimited albums, Smart Albums and so on because these contain pointers to the files in the Library, not the actual photos.

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    Thank you, Terence, for the information. I'm going to mull this over because what you have mentioned is rather abstract to my diminishing grey cells. When I returned to iPhoto, in the Photos' List, the photos I had categorized were in tact and none of the other photos were included.


    Much for me to consider when importing photos and my placing them into folders but forget about 'trashing' what is in the Import file, because as you say, this is only a shortcut.


    Again, thanks for shedding some light on my dimly lit understanding of iPhoto and its importing photos.