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Once I have downloaded an assortment of photos from my camera, I place them into separate folders according to the category I have named. In so doing, the photos are in the album, but remain in the import file which for some reason did not do so whenever I performed this task. What now occurs, is when I go to remove the photos in the imported file, it also removes them from the album.


I am confused with what I am doing to cause this occurrence. I used to perform this task successfully when in the import screen without losing the photos once I placed them in their respective albums.


Need help to sort myself out. I am a stickler for categorizing my photos according to the occasion. It makes it so easy to retrieve them whenever I want to send them to friends or to groups.


Hope I can resolve my confusion in what I am doing wrong.




Message was edited by: kananaskis I used to be able to sort my imported photos without the aforementioned occurrence. It appears to occur using a new camera.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)